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Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
pump. >> but the fact is it is what do you say to this potential split decision? what are voters saying? why is it that we potentially do both? >> i think there won't be a split decision. >> okay. >> i think the decision will be made if mitt romney is that person and i think that is the point. you can't go and elect a bunch of new republicans. maybe it is five or seven. maybe just re-electing the great net 63 we got last time but it will be a resounding victory for house republicans because we have a plan and we will work with mitt romney and the american people no doubt. >> let me ask you this. give me an example of a republican that if they win you're thinking, wow. republicans are going to gain seats. they're not just going to hold on to the majority and only lose a few seats. they'll gain seats. give me an example of one or two races that may be a little bit of a reach to people but will tell you something on election night. >> well, we have several as you know, chuck, in the northeast. one is brendan doherty running in rhode island. today is probably an even seat in terms of
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Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
about ronald reagan voters, rich, before you were born, young man, they would go to the polls through broken glass to vote for him. i'm not sure the same could be said for mitt romney or president obama. in an event like this where a number of states could be looking very, very tough weather conditions that would make it difficult to get to the polls, whose voters are more jazzed to ensure they do? >> the biggest enthusiasm gap we've seen is one from 2008 for president obama compared to that now for president obama. the economy's not doing well, voters reagent to that, and so you're beginning to see roars -- reports of the republican enthuse yam. when i was in school, teachers used to tell us you got to pray, cross your fingers for rain so all the elderly folks don't vote against the school budget because they don't have kids in the school anymore. neil: on the notion, it's a given -- being political correct here, the storms could benefit romney more than the president. we'll see how it goes. i see the logic to it. what do people do in states who can't vote. extend voting hours? is th
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
sparks is communication director for the romney campaign in wisconsin. >> thediey to winning races inwi wisconsin is enthusiasm and voter intensity. in 2010, when republicans had historic electoral gains through the state, the story of the day was not that the democrats stayed at home. rather, the story was that the republicans turnout. >> reporter: indeed republicans are counting on gains they made two years ago when scott walker became governor and both chambers of the state legislature flipped fromca democrat to that was followed by a recall campaign started by public- sector labor unions aided by democratic state legislators and voters. all in all, ited to the chief, fact of political life in wisconsin: bitterly divided, almost permanent political warfare for almost three years now. this is state that is both energized and exhausted. >> i can't wait f it to be done. i'm just tired of all theit negative things. one person trashes the other one. >> the ads all seem to be negative. you kind of tune them out when it's negative. >> it is annoying with all the calls and the
Nov 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
look at the middle. 48% for governor romney. 46% for the president so a dead heat. both candidates are in the state today and will be back to make their case. because of ohio's diversity, what's the demographic composition. among nonwhite voters, he's getting 70% of the vote. cleveland, columbus, here in sena cincinnati. a growing latino population. the president starts with a head start. the white vote, 44% to 53% for romney. i would say this. if governor romney can keep the white vote closer to 40%, he has a chance and getting minority turnout, that was the president's recipe for success four years ago. >> i know that is so crucial when you look at ohio, what do you see there? >> the reason, it has -- you look at a couple of different places. the north of the state. cleveland, over to toledo. a place where we think we see evidence the auto bailout is helping. across the industrial north. that means a lot of blew collar white voters supporting the president. then you come here to the southwest corner of the state. cincinnati is in hamilton county. it was blue four years ago. the state
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, the president has his theory. >> i understand govern romney has had a tough time here in ohio because he was against saving the auto industry. >>ed to mr. obama launched a fresh attack accusing his rival of trying to this scare off voters. >> italians are going to build jeeps in china. >> chrysler said that is not true. there are no plans to move production to china. a rep said it was cynical campaign politics at its worst. >> both campaigns are trying to reach the magic number. no matter how you do the math with the eight battleground states it is clear ohio is the key. >> ohio is the tate -- state we need to win. this campaign hopes the enthusiasm they saw here will be seen across the state on election night. karyn travis, abc news, west chester ohio. >>> in maryland we have the potential to make history with some of our ballot questions. find everything you need to check out. prepare yourself. you can find it all on ab c 2 >>> in our consumer alert some of you may be out there playing on your new ipad mini. they were out in stores today. it costs $329. th
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Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
president. on the other hand, mitt romney had more on the ground time in ohio, the crucial state and has been able to shake more hands and meet more voters directly in the buckeye state. neil: you mentioned this appearance tomorrow with governor chris christie. i'm sure not governor's intention to praise the president to point that many say he hurt the republican nominee mitt romney. but governor kristy looking out for -- chris christie said he is looking out for the folks in his state. commending speediness of support for new jersey. you have that image of them, touring a lot of the areas, atlantic city, maybe, some of the really hard hit areas, that will be an indelible image. >> there is nothing you can do about it, governor chris christie has done the right thing, and barack obama is president, you do not' to overdue the praise. but, i mean, you are right, a photo of barack obama with governor chris christie goes a long way. he is liked by a lot of independents in the united states i think that, i don't believe that storm will make people decide. one way or the another whether th
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm EDT
governor romney led. so it's a very interesting area. many of the people from there work in massachusetts. host: describe the voters in these areas, who are they? guest: well, new hampshire has traditionally a libertarian streak. our motto is live free or die. and it is sort of a toss up location. the voters, i think they are voting for the person they think is going to lead this country for the next four years. some people will say new hampshire. well new hampshire has a summer home of governor romney and the state next door massachusetts where he was governor. but i think that's less of a factor. i think the people of new hampshire can see grond that and they are voting for the personal they think is best for the 50 states. host: tell us about the history of new hampshire being a swing state. guest: well traditionally new hampshire was republican for many years. i think it's the clinton 1992 phenomenon that has changed that. clinton won this state twice. in 2,000 it went to george w. bush. but in two thour four it went to john carry. the president got a nine point victory in 2008. so we
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
romney is leading president obama by four points among likely voters 50-46 percent. now our campaign insiders, a former republican congressman for new york, john leboutillier, and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter, and doug schoen a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. doug, where does the race stand? >>doug: first, the national popular vote, you look at average, 1.5 to 2 points for governor romney. there are eight daily national polls. the governor romney has been leading in five or six. the swing states, we will get do that in a second, they are deadlocked and the momentum we talked about last week, it continues to be ever-so-slightly in my judgment, for governor romney. >>gregg: and now the rasmussen poll, the national poll, governor romney is 50 and president obama at 47 and most of the national polls are showing governor romney with a lead. now, having said that, pat, talk about the president's declining job approval. >>pat: we have talked on the program, i said the most important number is the job approval. he is holding at 50. it took a real d
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
romney. the democrats are making a mistake because they're counting on inconsistent voters who may well not turn out. could turn out be the difference in this election? does karl rove have a point? >> well, i think turnout will make the difference in this election. republicans are betting on the fact that our coalition won't show up at the polls. if you look into those early vote numbers, they already have. we have a 60,000 vote lead in the state of iowa. across the country, it's a very diverse electorate so far. there are a lot of young people voting. there are a lot of women voting. this looks like the coalition that elected the president in 2008. i know the republicans are focused on a slew of national polls. we're looking at the battleground states that will decide the elections. as you can see from the polls today, they're very encouraging for the president. >> ben, i know you have a busy day today. thanks for taking the time to talk to us. good luck. >> thanks. appreciate it. >> p d.dana, when you look at o polls, it might be tight, but the president does still have a need. "the n
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to learn close to 80 percent of voters in your state will vote before election day and romney catch says they are winning in absentee requests and early voting and they say they are will swinging the suburbs around denver that went for obama four years ago. >>guest: good morning, chris. we have a great ground game here in colorado. you are right, about 80 percent of the votes will be cast before election day but colorado will go for a president who is overseeing slow but dead difficult economic growth with 8 percent, and the colorado people look if a leader who says what he means and means what he says. so, governor romney has three problems in colorado: we do not know if it is moderate mitt (o) me, too, mitt, that will serve as president and he has been unfriendly to hispanics and latinos and women in this state are pro choice and want to make their own health care decisions. the republican party has said to women, we know what is best and we don't want you to make your own decisions and that is why president obama will carry colorado. >>chris: now, the economy, which everyone agre
Oct 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
be supporting mitt romney. >> reporter: but a harvard institute of politics study find more romney supporters saying they will definitely go vote. >> if everyone voted who wanted to vote who could vote, we'd be blue without a doubt. the issues is getting them to the polls. >> reporter: first-time voter stephen stanis says he's definitely going to vote. he's just not sure for whom. >> i'm just trying to figure out where i stand on the political landscape. >> reporter: and the pressure to choose is billion, he says, fueled by strong supporters on both side of the race. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. >> brennan: next on tonight's cbs evening news, we'll look at a key race in the battle over control of the u.s. senate. coincidenting counting on some key races across the country to help regain control of the u.s. senate. right now, democrats have a 53-pref majority. republicans only need to pick up four seats. but as carter evans reports, a surprisingly close senate race in arizona threatens those plans. >> thanks for being here. >> reporter: after six terms, congressman jeff flak
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
sunday a day after romney was stumping in the granite state. >>> long lines at early voting centers across the state for days have translated into an impressive turnout. election officials tell the baltimore sewn -- "baltimore sun" more that 40,000 voters cast their ballots up to saturday night. it's been such a success, some lawmakers are discussing expanding the number of early voting centers in 2014 beyond the current 26. maryland voters have been bombarded with ads about question 7. today a final push to reach those who may still be on the fence. >> today's go up was made up mostly of baltimore area politicians who say question 7 is bad news for charm city, this as police and fire unions today endorsed question 7. a bus full of question 7 opponents traveled around the state saturday to convince would-be voters to reject adding table games to existing slots casinos and building a sixth casino in prince george's county. >> even if you are for gambling and love to gamble, this expanding gambling bill is just bad for the state and bad for maryland. >> because, they say, a p.g. count
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, and i think that they believe they have a ground operation in place to get the voters out that they need, but in talking to republicans, what i have heard over the last two days is in republican areas, there is great enthusiasm for governor romney at this point. up until a few weeks ago or a month ago, the enthusiasm on the republican side was mostly aimed at defeating the president, and now, what has clicked in is some enthusiasm to actually elect mitt romney. they are counting on a big surge and they will need a big surge in those red republican areas for him to win. >> you travel around the country an awful lot. when we wake up on november 7, assuming we have a clear winner, is it your understanding that the losing side will accept the result and live with it? >> certainly, the losing candidate will say that and try to convince people -- >> but the democrats and republicans and people out in the country. >> at that point, that is not clear -- at this point, that is not clear. the two sides are so polarized, and the feelings are so intense, the passions are so strong that whoever
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
voters to see it. and that to me says they still have to move numbers in both florida and ohio and the second big thing, judy, the fact that governor romney on sunday is going to be in the philadelphia suburbs, that really speaks to the fact that they're looking for a way to 270 besides ohio. >> woodruff: margaret, you cover the white house, you're talking to them. they're hearing what the romney people are doing, what are the obama people saying? >> they sure feel better than they did about a week ago and while they don't like to talk publicly about the linkage between the superstorm sandy and political impact it's clear that they feel that they have derived political advantage from this. it stopped the perception of momentum for romney, it changed the subject. it focused the dynamic on president obama being able to be bipartisan and it put governor romney out of play because he wasn't in the position to do anything official. and so at least from the perception standpoint they do feel as if things are turning more in their favor in the final days. >> woodruff: jonathan, what are you p
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
educate voters. both campaigns have aggressively gone after the latino vote. governor romney has reached into new territory and did it much earlier in a primary season than anybody else. there are high positives there. >> but the fact is that it's republican ladies and gentlemen laters and republican governors and states led by republicans where we're seeing concentrated voter supession efforts. >> i want to address that. there was a bipartisan effort that talked about we need add unified form of identification, they needed to have some sort of paper ballot or trail where we can see where people's vote counted. there's an intense amount -- >> but to say in the 1970s there was a bipartisan effort to think about how to make voting more standard across all 50 states is very different than the kind of -- >> i'm talking about 2005. this is post florida -- >> i see. >> i think in agreement it's criminal to try to suppress -- >> yet that is really quite different, myrna in terms of the state-by-state individual efforts. i want to press on the point you just made. even to the extent the
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
. >> florida is trending in mitt romney's direction. it was unusual and a unique undertaking for my newspaper, we polled voters in the bell weather section of florida, the i4 corridor, which runs from tampa bay across the state to daytona beach. mitt romney 51%, president obama 45%. the president's people have said in none of their polling shows him lower than 47% in the state of florida. our poll had romney up by six points in the i4 corridor. jon: and that's really the prize in florida, isn't it? that is what both candidates are struggling to win. >> it is. it's where the candidates spend most of their time. bill clinton has campaigned for president obama in orlando. it's where tampa is located. swing voters, independents, working moms, growing hispanic vote, i4 is where the villages is located the megaretirement community that is a must-stop for every presidential candidate on the republican saoeufpltd it's big and it includes two of the biggest media markets in the state, tampa and orlando. tomorrow mitt romney comes to florida, he's got three stops, one of them is in tampa. jon
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
. that's right, with this race so close here in ohio, any major event could tip undecideds or soft voters into the obama camp or the romney camp. so, all eyes are on the jobs report in this nail-biter of an election. stumping for votes, the candidates leave no stone unturned. in west virginia, romney was heckled. >> what about the climate? that's what caused the storm. >> reporter: he did some heckling of his own against the president. >> the president said he was going to consider putting in place a secretary of business. i don't think that what we need is another government bureaucrat that supposedly knows something about job creation. i think it would be helpful to have a president that actually understands job creation. >> reporter: as the president did in green bay, vegas, and boulder. fresh from hurricane sandy, he talked unity. >> there's no democrats or republicans dung a storm. just fellow americans. >> reporter: but minutes after he profiled bipartisan, he launched some attacks of his own. >> governor romney's been using all of his talents as a salesman, to dress up the very sam
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm PDT
fundamentals of this campaign are with mitt romney and that's because he's the best candidate out there with a great, great deal to offer american voters. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. next, as much of the nation focuses on hurricane sandy, the candidates are increasing that focus on ohio. without it, it's almost impossible to become president. and the sandy cell phone phenomena. just if you look at this, we'll hold it up for a second. this is a charging station. when we drive our satellite trucks to some of these places, people flock. we'll show you why. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory.
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
romney will rein in those rights. that issue resonates very strongly around iowa. women voters can make a difference in this election. if you look at polling, the polling among male voters is pretty even. among women voters, barack obama has a pretty strong lead. this election in iowa and in many other states, i think, is going to be a turn out game -- who can get their voters to the polls on election day. barack obama, to say, i have a lead with women voters, so let's make sure we get them out on election day and let's give them a reason to show up. this is what he thinks is the reason women will show up and vote for employer. host: a story in the quad city times -- iowa is the focus of our conversation right now with my glover, a senior writer for the associated press. let's hear from david on our independent line in texas. caller: hello. i believe obama has no problem. this is the media just keeping the news going. i am in texas. i am over 60. out of my whole family there are two of us that have landlines. i get maybe 8 or so calls per month on my machine. being in texas, hardly
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
this for early voting? we spoke with voters and will have their answer to that coming up at 6:30. i'm tracy wiee wilkins, news4. >>> mitt romney is in florida today. he spoke to a crowd of supporters at the university of miami. he started by asking the crowd to help victims of hurricane sandy. he also visited tampa this morning and will continue his tour of the sunshine state with a final stop in jacksonville. >>> our storm trooper, we welcome you back. i know more about you now, wendy, than i've ever known. it was great stuff. >> that's the biggest thing about it, we put you in because we knew you would be safe and up in new jersey we knew that would not be the case. >> when those pictures started coming in monday night, it was breathtaking. >> thank goodness we did dodge a bullet. yes, we saw a hurricane and 60-mile-an-hour winds and a lot of trees down. but we're getting through it, just as we've done in the past. this the what we're dealing with. we have the cloud cover and those clouds will stick around for the rest of the night and will be back during the day tomorrow. i ex
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
election. they are reaching out to voters in several highly contested states. rich edson has the latest. rich, what are you hearing? lori: president obama, governor romney are on the way to next campaign stops. president obama has left wisconsin for nevada. then he is off to colorado. the handful of swing states see awful lot of candidates next five days. the obama campaign aides describe the campaign speeches as the first of his closing arguments stressing his administration has more work to do. the governor romney argues that the president's rhetoric makes it clear he is out of ideas. >> what you're seeing before your very eyes that the campaign is shrinking and shrinking to smaller things. he is talking about how he will save big bird and playing silly word games with my last name or first and then, attacking moo day in and day out. attacking me doesn't make an agenda. that doesn't get people back to work. >> what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> no!.
Nov 1, 2012 4:25am EDT
wisconsin. mitt romney is going to be visiting virginia. romney made three stops in florida yesterday and he focused much of his attention on the victims affected by hurricane sandy. and he is targeting young voters in the state. both candidates plan to hit all the key swing states leading up to next tuesday's election. >>> the question is will the damage caused by sandy impact voting for the presidential election. some analysts say yes especially with such widespread power outages in the northeast. fox's mike flannery spoke way apolitical science professor about what could be done. >> reporter: modern democracy uses machines that require electricity to record individual votes and then high- speed computer internet connections to transmit total counts to central election officials. but there may not be electricity even in parts of new york city for next tuesday's scheduled election. rural areas could face even longer delays on power. election officials across the northeast are scrambling discussing whether it is possible to consolidate polling places, use portable generate ours or hav
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
the consideration that has to go into how you're relating to voters. do they see you on the stump taking advantage of a moment, or is it wiser to pull back, at least for a day or day and a half. clearly the romney team believes that's the smart strategy. there were events today in ohio, iowa and wisconsin. as you reported, wisconsin is now off the table. and tomorrow there are events planned for at least one place in ohio. that is in lima, ohio, along the western border of indiana. that has been canceled for tomorrow as well. meantime, jenna, early voting con minutes this state. both sides try to put out their word on early voting and try to convince the public that is it is going one way or the other. the obama team has been very intense trying to get the early vote out and, they will make the argument publicly they're doing that and the romney team will try to counteract. there was an interesting note that crossed this morning today in the "wall street journal" it said unaffiliated voters, in places like hamilton county, cincinnati, ohio, where we have here, are up considerably
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am PST
are also allowing registered voters to do so electronically. >> the candidates will focus on the key swing states. it will be that way until the election. abc news, washington. >> president obama's senior advisor calls mitt romney's late push to try to win pennsylvania a, quote, desperate ploy. romney's campaign disputes that. on abc this week, david fluff says huey is confidence president obama has the electoral votes to win on tuesday. polls show romney trailing slightly in pennsylvania where he stepped up campaign ads. his running mate congressman paul ryan campaigned there yesterday. they call the late charge by the republicans a smoke screen. >> to win romney would have to wynn two-thirds, and he won't do that. the truth is they are throwing ads up and governor romney is traveling in the states he is not going to win. >> the fact is, george, the unemployment rate is higher than the day president obama took office. millions of americans struggling to find work and the household income is down. that's what this campaign is about. them saying we need to keep doing this. we need mor
Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm PDT
with mitt romney and that's because he's the best candidate out there with a great, great deal to offer the american voters. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your time, and next as much as the nation focuses on sandy, the candidates are increasing that focus on ohio. without it, it's almost impossible to become president, not impossible, i said almost. john avalon going to look at the ground game after this. >>> and the sandy cell phone phenomenon, just if you look at this, we'll hold it up for a second, what you're looking at here is, well a charging station. when we drive our satellite trucks to some of these places, people flock, we're going to show you why. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us ban
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
voters anymore. everybody has an opinion, a leaning. charlie, the difference is there are some people who haven't absolutely decided whether they're going to vote. there's another segment who lean either towards romney or obama but they can still be influenced. when these candidates come, what they're hoping is they will say something, some sound bite, some story that connects with people. i think ohio is going down to the wire. i think ohio will be decided by less than 1% of the votes. we may be talking to political lawyers five days from now rather than voters. >> frank, we see that the president is in ohio every day for the next four days. romney is there only at least once, according to his schedule. does that suggest that the republicans have decided, look, ohio is trending the other way and that's why they're sending romney, for instance, to new hampshire and to pennsylvania to try to broaden the electoral map? >> i know that paul ryan is coming back here. i think he's coming back every day. you've got surrogates all over the state. you can't drive anywhere, norah, withou
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
. could've had a v8. >> mitt romney appears to be closing the gap with women voters. let's take a look at the latest virginia poll. obama-biden at 49%, and september 53 e.r.s and romne romney-ryan 43%, they were at 41%. and what do women want it hear, mia love joins us, hello, mayor. >> hello. how are you. >> alisyn: what do you think has allowed for the women's support. >> i've talked before, mitt romney is absolutely in love with his wife, a devoted father, a successful businessman, i mean, he knows exactly what he needs to do to get our economy back on track. we saw it during the debates. he was leaps and bounds over barack obama when it came to the economy. so, i think the that's what's shifting and under barack obama we've talked to teachers and entrepreneurs and mothers and their lives aren't better. women have gone from better than 7.8% unemployment. and just, we know there's a clear choice who is going to make this better for us. >> alisyn: you brought up the debates. it seemed as though women were focused on the debates, but it was the second debate and it's interesting that m
Oct 30, 2012 11:30pm PDT
a delicate dance for the two candidates. >> reporter: both president obama and mitt romney must be leaders yet not play politics with the disaster. >> i think president obama could be benefited from this. >> reporter: uc berkeley political science professor lin says voters even now are not paying a great deal of attention to the campaign on tv. sandy could change that. >> this is the kind of news event that will turn voters on. they'll be watching the news, they'll see the candidates but will see obama acting as president. >> reporter: the vice president tried to reenforce that imagine. >> i've never seen a guy so focused. >> reporter: governor romney turned a campaign rally in ohio into a storm relief drive. >> romney is in a tougher situation. he has to appear like he's not campaigning and yet he still needs to be in the news. >> would you eliminate fema if you before president? >> reporter: romney was peppered with questions of his plan to end fema. >> if mistakes are made, people will note them and it could hurt them. >> reporter: what would sandy's impact be on the election pu
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
still maybe get away with holding a mitt romney position against abortion and funding for planned parenthood and access to contraception. maybe you could hold that pitch yourself successfully to virginia voters if you carefully tack to the center in the general election if you picked a moderate running mate who is not going to reflect all the crazy roll backs to women's health being proposed in the state. maybe you could get away with that. if on the other hand you picked a guy who sponsored a personhood bill for the nation, a guy whose abortion position is he would have them to have their rapist child against their will, to narrow the definition of rape for women seeking access to abortion, if you picked that guy on your ticket, and you announce him as your running mate in virginia, you are probably going to remind virginia voters of all of the stuff they have been taking from the republicans in their state lately that has made the whole state so mad. that's why virginia is a swing state this year. i mean nobody expected virginia to be contested race in this election. the democra
Oct 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
have a plan to make anything better at the state or local. >> eliot: so good luck to you. as a voter which guy would you go for? >> look, i don't think that romney's rhetoric really is that. he may think that we need more efficiently or spend their money and i think we should. i think to the extent we can do that at the state and local level, we're all better off. the reality is going to hit all of us. that we're borrowing 40 cents of every dollar. we've got to do something to make things better. financially in this country. that's the reality. the republicans and democrats are going to face. it then becomes a question of how do you do that. >> cenk: michael brown former fema direct o under george w. bush. thank you so much for joining us. we really do appreciate it. >> thank you guys. good conversation. >> cenk: thank you. and when we come back, well, obviously i'm not buying what the republicans are selling and i'm about to show you why you shouldn't be buying it either. i'm going to show you lie after lie after lie that's been going on in this campaign. it is not even! they lie so
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
nashville and new hampshire reminded voters of fees that went up while romney was the governor of massachusetts. >> he raised fees to get a birth certificate which would have been expensive for me. >> reporter: afterwards, he made a stop at a common man's pub. >> to america. doesn't matter what party. >> and already this once in a lifetime storm has significantly affected the campaign. with romney and obama canceling 18 events. and as you mentioned, president obama just announced he will no longer appear at this orlando rksz florida, rally. he's trying to get ahead of the weather, fly back to washington and monitor hurricane sandy. >> and will not be in wisconsin tomorrow. let's get back to sam. >> another rainmaker on a different coast today. into the northwest today, 2 to 5 inches of rain with this system coming on shore there. it's real soccer. it gets in soaker. there is that area, two, three, up to five inches of rain. into northern idaho, there are flood watches and warnings. l.a. showing off at 82 degrees. it's pleasant in albuquerque at 81. >> and we are live in lower manh
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
disadvantage when it comes to voter enthusiasm. it's very possible that romney can make up what he lacks in organization just by having the enthusiasm of republicans behind him. but the organization can be a boost, especial until an election as close as the one that we're seeing, where it really, at least in the popular vote, may be a tie. having a boost of a point or two can make a big difference. host: next up, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, on our line for democrats. go ahead. caller: oh, hey, how you doing? thanks for taking my call. i wanted to just say that, with the international union being majority democratic, they would be assisting barack obama in a large way. but my question also to the young lady on the panel is that , i was wondering how this fares with the electoral college. because a lot of us voters, we don't even know who the electoral college is. we don't know -- we never elected them. we didn't pick them. and yet they decide who's going to be the president. host: talk to us about the union organization and how this primarily goes for democrats. what does the republican par
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
packs come in with millions and millions. that's about shrinking the electorate, distancing voters from politics. >> let me argue with this idea for a second. here is the number of obama and romney field offices in swing states. what you see, the theme here, the blue bars, there are many more obama offices around. full disclosure, my brother is an organizer on the campaign for five years. he started in 2007 and is now a state director in nevada. i see it through his eyes. there's a degree, when it functions best, there's a feedback. if you have people going to the doors every day and doing constant focus grouping and constant interactions with voters to see what's moving them, that's democracy at its core. if you are finding when you go to the doors, women age 20 to 35 really are worried about birth control and access to it. then, what you see is that moves the way the president talks. >> it's too cold. it's too cold. it's chilling. it's like the big ad corporations. what you want to do is get a feel for the electorate long before it's election time. then provide the kind of leadership
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
bill clinton and singer dave matthews. the president and mitt romney are both covering a lot of ground this weekend trying to motivate voters. they both used yesterday's jobs report as proof that they would be the best choice to be commander-in-chief. >> we learned the companies hired more workers in october than in any time in the last eight months. >> we learned that it is actually 7.9%. that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. >> romney will also be traveling to the commonwealth before tuesday's election. he has a rally scheduled for monday afternoon at george mason university. >>> today is the last chance for many local voters wanting to cast a ballot before election day to head to the polls. it is the final day for early voting in all eight of d.c.'s wards and also the last day to cast an in person absentee ballot in virginia. meantime early voting for people in maryland ended yesterday. virginians have plenty to vote for on tuesday. one issue is question one. a ballot measure concerning eminent domain. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey had the details on what thi
Oct 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
supporters can still get engaged. you saw even this year when the romney felt like all the polls were against them but his supporters have gotten much more engaged in the days since then. i'm not sure the polls are driving voters in any particular way. >> so help me out here. let's look at some of the latest polls. national poll here, the national poll, this is a 49%, romney, 48%, president obama. does a national poll really mean anything because the swing states are what counts, we hear. georgia's going to be red. we know what column it's going in. it's a swing state, especially with the electoral college, does the national poll mean anything? >> national poll gives you the sense of an ebb and flow in a campaign. whether the debates or events had an effect. typically states will all sort of move together one direction or another. whether that's the case this year, you could make the argument that ohio, florida, wisconsin and nevada are all very different states but the general temperature of the campaign, i think, is best shown in those broader national polls. >> so in the swing
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
country's got serious and unresolved problems. >> the voter out there only has a choice, therefore, betw tn two insufficient possibilities.n >> b they t know that governor romney will cut more and obama will tax that's a certain inference. >> on your point, i was surprised that when paul ryan said what he did to joe biden that, you know, "we can work together." and when romney runs, romney has a new ad out sayinge can work better with congress than obama has, that somebody didn't point ut that this is an obstructionist republican ut majority in the house. >> i think that's because obama is in a trap. he has paintehimself into a corner, which makes him vulnerabin to the charge, which has been heard increasingly often, that you don't know what obama's going to do in his second term, that he doesn't have an agenda, that only the past he's willing to talk about, at was a failure. and he can't tell you because it's not going to be good.s i think the problem obama has is that he can tell part of the stor thanks to bill clinton, whichsts, "they gave me a problem and i stopped what
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm EDT
percent of new jersey, i lived in new jersey, is without power. that is a lot of angry potential voters if he does not get something done. so i think he is putting policy and his own politics temporarily ahead of mitt romney's. gerri: fascinating to watch, and i could not help but think maybe romney will have some kind of response down the line to governor christie. to you. you said that politicking never really ended. the conventional restaurant is that all politics ceased during the storm. you said, no. >> it didn't really. you had romney having events collecting, donated goods for those hurricane victims. that is politicking. he is showing a fall faced effort to help victims in the only way that he can't. president obama actually get there as president doing what presidents do, and that is aide with resources during times like this. so i don't think the politicking release stocks. you had the obama administration , his campaign, his surrogates. this election did not stop. down and not to, but it did not stop. gerri: which brings up the question, who gets the momentum now? coming into th
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
. trying to snatch up the last few undecided voters. candidates pass right by each other. yesterday, dubuque, iowa, center of the political universe. both candidates visited the town within hours of each other. president obama and mitt romney made closing arguments on why they should lead the country the next four years. >> the question comes down to this. you want more of the same or do you want real change? >> but here is the thing. we know what change looks like. and what he's selling is not change. >> latest des moines register poll has president obama leading romney by five points in the hawkeye state. >>> been almost a week now since hurricane sandy made landfall in parts of new york and new jersey have barely been able to start the cleanup efforts. new york city has approved four more federal aid. the city approved for more federal aid. expanding coverage to public buildings and utilities and parks. meantime, more than a million people in new jersey do not have power. could be until wednesday before the lights are back on there. the storm is now blamed for at least 111 deaths
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